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Denver Broncos: Safety Rahim Moore Fined $21,000 for Late Hit in Steelers Game

September 15th, 2012 at 10:31 PM
By DJ Siddiqi

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I'm sure most Broncos fans remember it even though it's been nearly a week since it occurred.

Emmanuel Sanders made an attempt to catch a pass from Ben Roethlisberger that would have been a first down. Sanders dropped the ball as the play was developing, which eventually led to a collision with safety Rahim Moore.

The play resulted in a flag on Moore for unnecessary roughness. What the play also would eventually result in was a fine by the NFL league office.

Moore was fined by the NFL $21,000 for the hit that he put on Sanders.

I understand why the NFL did this. The NFL is trying to stress the safety of players. They do not want nasty collisions like the one between Moore and Sanders on Sunday night, so they have to make a statement by fining Moore. They do not want congress all over their tales for risking the safety of NFL players with the numerous amounts of players over the years filing lawsuits towards the league.

However, Moore was not wrong in this situation. The NFL was.

Sanders lowered his head as the play was coming to an end, which is the reason why Moore made helmet-to-helmet contact in the first place with Sanders.

I understand that for many referees and league office executives who never played the game of football, it might be hard for them to comprehend certain aspects of the game. One of the aspects that seems to fly over their head on a regular basis is the speed of the game.

Moore simply could not have prevented that collision from happening as a football player. Sanders induced the penalty and the unnecessary roughness by lowering his helmet because he knew he wasn't going to catch the ball.

It may not result in talking heads around the media throwing a big fit over this fine, as these fines have been taking place on an almost weekly basis in the past few years since Roger Goodell took over.

I understand the NFL is first and foremost a business. They don't want negative attention from Congress and risk years of bad publicity and loss of financial gains because of negative injuries caused by illegal hits.

But this fine was simply a matter of politics. Moore did not do anything wrong on this play.

He made a football play. I guess defensive players really can't play defense any more these days.

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