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Denver Broncos: CB Chris Harris Sits Out of Practice Again; Might not Play This Sunday

September 19th, 2012 at 5:37 PM
By DJ Siddiqi


The Broncos played on Monday night without their nickel cornerback Chris Harris. Tony Carter replaced him, with starting cornerback Tracy Porter playing in the nickel position a lot of the time.

Harris sprained his ankle on Sept 9. and only engaged in stretching drills today.

Although the Broncos held up well against the Atlanta offense despite Denver's four turnovers in the first quarter, the defense did have a hard time stopping Atlanta's passing game when they needed third-down conversions. The Broncos' defense was most affected on plays over the middle and in the seam, where Matt Ryan had an easy time completing important and critical passes for first downs. This actually happened on the last important play of the game on a third-and-five from the ATL 25-yard-line with 2:35 remaining in the game. Ryan completed an easy crossing route pattern to Julio Jones where he was wide open with nobody covering him.

With the Broncos facing a similar offense talent-wise in the Houston Texans on Sunday, the Broncos need their starting nickel cornerback in the hopes of slowing down the Houston offensive attack. With Matt Schaub having Arian Foster, Andre Johnson and Owen Daniels as his supporting cast, Denver will need a slightly better showing against the passing attack if they are to constantly line up in their nickel defensive formation as they did on Monday night in their 27-21 loss.

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