Mascot and Cheerleaders

The Broncos cheerleaders of this era do not have a nickname. However, the Bronkettes were the first cheerleaders for the Broncos in 1971. The Bronkettes were a group of little girls who danced on the side lines. The Bronco Belles were the adult cheer squad for the Broncos from 1971 until 1977. The squad was known as the Pony Express from 1977 until 1980. The Broncos disbanded their cheerleaders after two of the girls posted topless in playboy. However, in 1993 the Broncos cheerleaders were returned to the sidelines.

The Broncos cheerleaders are also very active in their community. In 2009 the squad took part in 1,500 hours of volunteer work. Additionally, since 2003 the Broncos cheerleaders have gone overseas to perform a 90 minute show for the troops. Since 1999, Miles has been the official mascot of the Denver Broncos. Prior to Miles, the Broncos had a live horse named Thunder for their mascot.